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We Build for People, We Build On Trust

Our Promise 

We’ll only work with the best materials available and build to last a lifetime.

We will never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives.

We strive for honest customer service, to leave the customer completely satisfied and knowing the job was done right.

Pursuing Excellence


Pursuing excellence means always doing our best, but it also implies that our best will be better than the norm.


We will always involve an obsessive infatuation with details. 

Do What's Right


Doing things right is equally as important as doing the right thing. At any moment of decision-making, we will do the right thing, regardless of what is best for us.

We treat everyone the way we want them to treat us, do every project well the first time, work safely, and serve our family and community. 


Our Mission

Positive doesn’t mean being happy or agreeing all the time. It means bringing energy and enthusiasm to work.

It means being supportive towards: 

  • Our teammates.

  • Our processes

  • The clients we work with.

Help Accomplish People's Goals

At Laframboise Construction we thrive in helping accomplish our clients' and employees' ambitions. 

Whether it is helping build a life-long dream home or starting a new project, our greatest fulfillment comes from helping our clients achieve their vision. 

​As a company, we encourage the professional development and empowerment of our team by fostering continuous learning and upskill to help everyone reach their personal goals. 

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Join the team

Learn more about careers at Laframboise Construction, and find out if you're a good fit for our team.

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